Chemical Free Cleaning

In almost all American homes you will find cleaning for “sanitation”. Many of these contain harsh chemicals such as chlorine, phosphates, acetone, ammonia and petroleum. These chemicals are known to cause side effects like headaches, depression and flu-like symptoms through exposure for extended periods of time, say, cleaning your bathroom. Millions of Americans are sensitive to chemicals and millions more are concerned about the negative health and environmental impact they can have. At The Specialist, we are concerned for all our clients, so we dry vapor-cleaning systems while cleaning in your home. Our dry vapor or “steam vapor” systems uses no chemicals at all to clean and disinfect your home, business, and just about anywhere else. Chemical Free Cleaning is newest transition into the future for green chemical free cleaning.

Chemical Free Steam Vapor or Dry Vapor Cleaning, what is it?

A vapor cleaner or steam cleaner is a device that generates pressured steam via an internal boiler. When you activate the steam release button, often a trigger you release a focused blast of super heated steam out

Chemical free Steam vapor cleaning, what is it used for?

Vapor steam cleaners are powerful cleaning systems. They are perfect for commercial & industrial work yet compact and convenient enough for home use. They have thousands of uses, way to may to list. Here are some common uses.

Chemical Free Cleaning Applications

Floor & wall grout cleaning                 sanitary steam mopping

deep cleaning of counter tops              commercial rest rooms

kitchen sinks                                        commercial kitchens

shower tracks                                      stove hoods

window frames                                    engine cleaning

commercial equipment cleaning            jewelry cleaning

mopping walls and ceilings                   detail cleaning

windows                                                mirrors

cleaning refrigerators                            air-conditioning coils

auto detail work                                    spot cleaning fabric,

bubble gum removal

pest control including:

 dust-mite and bed bug eradication, killing drain flys

And much more!!

Please, Contact The Specialist Cleaning Service for More information about Chemical Free Cleaning


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